Pubblicato sulla rivista Sustainability la storia di “Sport and Anatomy” dell’Università di Pisa (2022, 14, 8160; 10.3390/su14138160)

Introduction: Over the last decades, the university system has experienced huge growth, facing several challenges. Accordingly, the University of Pisa recognizes the value and opportuni- ties deriving from research and fully supports collaboration with the world of entrepreneurship and industry, as well as local communities. Study programs, teaching methods and technologies, learn- ing environments, quality assurance, programmed student numbers, and research results are key features of the prestige of the scientific community. Aim: In this respect, “Sport and Anatomy”, a brand that includes an academic organization at the University of Pisa, holds two main goals: (i) to offer the top level in both educational and professional fields; and (ii) to optimize the fine-tuning among all these sections, thus becoming a reference point for sports management. Methods and re- sults: Indispensable links between basic and specialist sciences through different Masters’ and schools were created. In addition to didactic activity, research activity, medical assistance, and re- habilitation were coordinated. Two main outcomes emerged from this experience: (i) improved stakeholder performances and (ii) optimized cooperation between university and local communi- ties. Conclusions: “Sport and Anatomy” plays a key role in supervising and accomplishing in an innovative way all the three missions of the university (i.e., teaching, research, and dissemination of knowledge), thus strongly fulfilling the aims of modern university targets.

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